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About Us


Each client is unique.

Every case is different.


One dispute may demand an aggressive tack.

Another, kid gloves.

Most conflicts can be negotiated.

An intelligent compromise is often just smart business.


But sometimes, the case must be tried.


It is our business to know the difference and to execute

the appropriate strategy with resolve.


We are litigators who prepare and try complex cases before juries, judges, and arbitrators.  We are trial and appellate practitioners with a long history of success in a wide range of matters, including contracts, fiduciary duty, professional liability, investments, banking, catastrophic personal injury and property damages, construction and insurance.


Our approach to the practice of law is easily stated:  we are devoted to the highest standards of professional excellence in every phase of representation.  We enjoy a reputation among our peers as credible and formidable adversaries who practice with honor, with intelligence, and with resolve.


We are thorough investigators and persistent questioners. We are creative strategic planners and knowledgeable, sensible counselors.  We are flexible in approach as the case may require but determined in execution.  Because we plan early and often – and then follow the plan—we represent our clients’ interests both effectively and efficiently.  We are gifted and practiced communicators always working to perfect our gifts.


In short, Grau Law is prepared to win on purpose.

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