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Appellate Practice


Grau Law is adept at all aspects of appellate practice, at all federal and state levels, including appeals to the Texas Supreme Court and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Our approach to appellate litigation, however, is a major part of our trial philosophy.

We have successfully handled appellate litigation across the spectrum of subject matters in cases involving general commercial disputes, contract disputes, business torts, mass torts, personal injury, wrongful death, labor law, and worker’s compensation, among others.

But our attention to possible issues on appeal, and the preparation for handling those issues, starts at the beginning of our handling of each litigation file, right through trial.

Because of this approach, appellate counsel are part of our trial team in addressing the complex legal issues that arise during the trial process, whether in challenging experts, arguing evidentiary objections, moving for directed verdict, arguing the jury charge, or in handling post-trial motion practice.

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