Grau Law Group is a Dallas-based trial and appellate practice that resolves cases involving business litigation, catastrophic loss, construction litigation, professional liability, appellate practice and very high level mediation.

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“This law firm is unique. From the day we assign them a case, they begin preparing the matter for trial with solid groundwork and broadminded strategies.  They have achieved favorable results for our organization in every instance, and you will not find a finer litigator than Jim Grau.”

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The team of veteran attorneys at Grau Law Group

We are experienced litigators. We have an exemplary record of success in complex, high-value cases. We try important cases and brief and argue major appellate issues. We solve problems. We know what it takes to win when the stakes are high. Most importantly, we are committed to professional excellence in every phase of our representation.

Monica L. Betaque


“Grau Law Group is well known for our thoughtful, diligent approach to working through the issues of each case, resulting in a perfectly effective resolution for the client.”

James W. Grau

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“Our job is to solve problems. That may involve going to court, reaching a settlement, or taking a more patient approach. All of these strategies can resolve a dispute on terms favorable to the client.”

Travis Jones


“Our strength in the construction industry is an example of this firm's knowledge across business sectors.”

Todd Wright


“What sets us apart from the crowd is our commitment to the highest personal and professional standards in service to our clients.”


Our approach to the practice of law is easily stated: we are devoted to the highest standards of professional excellence in every phase of representation. We enjoy a reputation among our peers as credible and formidable adversaries who practice with honor, with intelligence, and with resolve.

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March 1, 2016
By Jim Grau

Voir Dire Thoughts

Jury selection can make some lawyers nervous.  It shouldn’t.  It is actually a great time to develop a rapport with the prospective panel.  It should be fun and helpful to your case.  Consider these thoughts for your next voir dire:…


February 8, 2016
By Jim Grau

New Opinion From The Fifth Circuit On Premises Security

Last month we successfully defended two clients in a jury trial in Houston over premises liability claims arising from a home invasion shooting and murder. At issue was, among other things, the range of prior criminal activity on or near the…


March 1, 2015
By Jeremy Aleman

Implied Warranty of Suitability for Intended Commercial Purpose

We recently had an opportunity to revisit the Breach of the Implied Warranty of Suitability in a suit brought by a coffee shop owner against the lessor of the commercial building that housed the coffee shop. The coffee shop owner…


December 22, 2014
By Todd Wright

RIP, Privacy? Not Quite Yet

As Americans we have an expectation of privacy in our personal affairs and presume this to be a fundamental right; however, the word ‘privacy’ is not to be found in the text of the U.S. Constitution or the Declaration of…


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